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A wide variety of Dominican dishes, ranging from soups and stews to fried sandwiches and sweet coconut desserts. Beyond the classic Caribbean dish of rice and beans, there are other basic specialties exclusive to the Dominican Republic

Our Story

Welcome To Típico Latino Restaurant

Dominican cuisine is the result of a mixture of indigenous, Spanish and African ethnic-cultural syncretism.

Those typical dishes that are icons of our cuisine have also received contributions from various groups of immigrants such as the Canaries, the black slaves brought by the French in the 17th century, the free blacks from the United States of the 19th century, the Cubans and Puerto Ricans, the cocolos, the Haitian braceros, the Arabs and Turks, the Safaris Jews, the Chinese, the Japanese and even the Hungarians.


Sauteed Chicken

Chicken cut into fajitas sauteed in chili peppers and onions, served with your  choice of rice, beans  and tostones or maduros


Rice with pigeon peas

Rice with pigeon peas is a dish of Dominican gastronomy, based on Moorish rice and a type of pea called pigeon pea. Moro or Moorish and Christian rice is a typical dish from Spain and the Spanish Antilles, also called rice with beans.



It’s such a hot and heavy meal that included chicken, beef, pork and different vegetables served with white rice.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

Fusion is the most appropriate word to describe Dominican gastronomy. Coming from a mixture of Spanish, African, Taino and Arab influences, the variety of dishes, flavors and textures that this country has are lost sight ofta.


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

Very good attentions and delicious food, I really recommend any dish with your eyes closed, the aubergine parmesan and the chicken breast with tostones very good.

“Another successful experience”

I just left the restaurant and it was a pleasant experience. The place is cozy, the menu is varied and what we ordered was very rich. You can come back.


It is a small but quite cozy restaurant. When I arrived I was surprised, because I imagined him in a building, but upon entering I loved it. It also met my expectations for food. I loved everything I tried and I have to go back to try other dishes.

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